The literacy research and practical tactics you can use to build a foundation for a life-long love of reading

Man and woman read a book with little boy.

My daughter can often be found with piles of books around her. There’s always one within reach.

At just over a year old, she explores more than a dozen books per day, sometimes alone and sometimes with us, her parents.

So how did we do it? It wasn’t as difficult…

Whether you’re a writer or you want to work in publishing, you should understand the life of a literary agent if you want access to the publishing world!

Why is this important?

In many ways, agents can be seen as gatekeepers, deciding who goes in and who goes out. Their work and livelihood are entirely connected with the success of the writers they represent. Understanding literary agents are vital to anyone who wants to be a part of the publishing world.


What filmmakers can teach fiction writers about characters and scenes

Struggling to make a scene work

If you’re a writer, you’ve likely had the experience of struggling to bring a scene together. You probably had those frustrating moments where you just cant figure out how to make a scene work with your characters.

You’re certainly not alone. Listen to almost any author interview and you’re likely…

Grady Hendrix is here to bring us back from the dead with some great spooky season reads!

You wouldn’t get studying advice from the kid in class who’s failing. So why would you take your horror book advice from anyone other than a best-selling horror writer?

Grady Hendrix did a recent interview in which he outlined some of his favorite Stephen King books that people often overlook.

Why one of the largest financial institutions in the world hired me and the 4 tactics I used to convince them I belonged

People with English majors are often laughed at. Trust me, I’ve been there. We’re asked what we plan to do with our lives and why we’d waste so much money on an impractical area of study.

An English degree can even be found on the list for some of the…

How lessons from one of the world’s best basketball shooters can be applied to our writing


Basketball camps were a staple of my summers while growing up. But there’s one day that often stands out. There were so many amazing life lessons learned in just a few minutes with Dave Hopla.

Dave Hopla is a bit of a legend among serious basketball players. He worked with…

Are guest posts a game-changer for a writer? I think I’m about to find out.

The online blogging world is extraordinarily crowded. There are over 500 million blogs in the world. How can you compete? How can you carve out your own space?

If you’re a writer, you’re always in constant search of an audience. A group of strangers who will enjoy your work so…

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